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The City of Angels or "Krungthep"

in Thai, is the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is the hub for most of the commercial and economic activities of the Kingdom. At the same time, the City is very famous and appreciated by visitors for its versatility and multiple points of interests.

the only Southeast Asian nation that never has been colonized, is a constitutional monarchy. A unified Thai kingdom has existed since the mid-14th century, and Thailand was known as Siam until 1939 when it officially became the Kingdom of Thailand.
The weather in Thailand is generally hot and humid: typical location within the tropics. Thailand can be generally divided into three seasons: “hot” season, “rainy” season, and “cool” season.
The population of Thailand comprises of roughly 67 million citizens. The majority are ethnically Thai, though peoples of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Mon, Khmer, Burmese, and Lao origin are also represented to varying degrees. Approximately, 7 million citizens live in the capital city, Bangkok.
More than 92% of the population speaks Thai or one of its regional dialects. While the Thai language is the official language of Thailand, English is spoken and understood throughout many parts of Thailand.

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