Going out for Inspiration

Going out for Inspiration

Post Congress Trip

Wonder of the North

Experience the beautiful mountainous north, visit the famous cave Rescue site, enjoy the colours and customs of Indigenous tribes, crowned by visit to Montessori schools. more details

Eastern Delight

A fusion of education and extraordinary adventure. Journey through tales of prehistoric lands and archeology in one of the most prolific sites of dinosaur relics. This tour also includes a visit to the Montessori Training Centre. more details

Grand Central

Journey north through central Thailand visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site, marvel at one of the eight petrified forests in the world, and view the stunning wooden Montessori Training Centre on a Buddhist temple ground. more details

Eastern Fabulous

Join hands and support children in adversity: Visit an orphanage with a long-running Montessori programme, and a community healing from a recent tragedy has received assistance from the Montessori Association. This tour also includes cultural sites and the Montessori Training Centre. more details

Central Historical Highlight

Embark on a journey to the magnificent regions where beauty of history and nature combine to create a breath-taking experience. more details

Rejuvenation Eastern

Rejuvenation experiences with traditional Thai therapies, witness the progress of the National Montessori Innovation Education Area, visit the Montessori Teacher Training Centre within a Buddhist temple. more details

South Sea Glory

Discover the breath-taking beauty of the South Sea where wellness therapies, hot springs and a massage await. Visit Montessori schools and the ASEAN hub venue in Krabi. more details

Southern Most Miracle

Rich cultural heritage, architecture, food, music and festivals are features of the very different southern region. Visit a variety of Montessori schools and markets. more details