Call for Contribution

Education for New World

“Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities…. If Education were to continue along the old lines of mere transmission of knowledge, the problem would be insoluble and there would be no hope for the world Alone a scientific enquiry into human personality can lead us to salvation...” Dr Maria Montessori

The 29th International Montessori Congress is pleased to announce our Call for Contributions to the programme of the International Montessori Congress. The Montessori Association of Thailand, under the auspices of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) invites submissions of abstracts for proposed Congress Breakout sessions and Exhibition Showcase Presentations. Abstract submissions close on 15 February 2023.

Breakout Submissions

Abstract submissions for Breakout Contributions must relate to the Congress theme, “Education for a New World” and preferably focussing on at least one of the three Congress pillars:

Congress Pillars:
“The Universal Child”
“Embracing our Future”
“Education for a New World – Where do we begin?”

The Congress will feature presentations from speakers from diverse professional fields. We expect presenters:

  • to be passionate about exploring and expounding upon the Congress theme, “Education for a New World”
  • to be eager to explore the implications of Montessori education within their respective professions
  • capable of transforming ideas into action

The Congress will build on a theme of hope and inspiration. It aims to energise participants to rise to the challenges found in our rapidly changing world. Our goal is to motivate for action, with new-found vigour and a deep appreciation of the vision and principles of Maria Montessori. The Congress audience is expected to be international and diverse, and many participants will be trained Montessori professionals.

The Congress’ working language is English. Abstracts proposed from traditionally under-represented countries and fields of study are particularly welcome.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Keynote or Plenary speakers for the Congress will be invited by the Congress Programme Planning Committee and are not part of the abstract submission process.

This Call for Abstracts covers Breakout Congress sessions. A unique exhibition area showcasing projects from around the world is described under c) “Exhibition Showcase”. The Call for Contributions invite submissions of abstracts for three types of presentations:

a. Oral Presentation
A 30–45-minute Breakout PowerPoint presentation delivered to a target audience

Oral presentations will be grouped thematically by the Evaluation Committee in order to form concrete and coherent sessions. A full session may consist of three to six different presentations.

b. Workshop
A 90-minute Breakout session focusing more on demonstrations, case studies and audience interaction.

c. Exhibition Showcase

Exhibition Showcase Submissions

The Congress offers opportunities for sharing an exciting project or showcasing work you have done that may be of interest to Congress participants. Our Exhibition will provide a standard space suitable for a large poster with graphics, photos and descriptions of your project or work.

Submissions may relate to the Congress theme but may also display outstanding work or projects related generally to Montessori education. Montessori alumni will be invited to showcase projects or work that has directly been influenced by their Montessori education.

Posters may be presented in your own language if other than English, but you will be required to include a description in English to be displayed with your exhibition.

Requirements for display

Large format posters or displays (120 x 90 cm portrait orientation) to be displayed throughout the three days of the Congress.

Presenters are asked to be at their poster during one of the Congress Exhibition Showcase hours set out in the programme. (Approximately 90 minutes).

General Information

1. The Congress will retain all abstract submissions.

2. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the digital portal only by 15 February 2023. Abstracts received via other methods or after the deadline will not be accepted.

3. Oral presentations and Workshops should relate to one of the three main pillars of the Congress:

  • The Universal Child
  • Embracing the Future
  • Education for a New World – Where do we begin?

4. Abstracts should be targeted to one of the following audience groups:
  • Parents
  • Teachers – Infant and Toddler (Birth-3 years)
  • Teachers – Primary (3-6 years)
  • Teachers – Elementary (6-12 years)
  • Teachers – Adolescent (12-18 years)
  • School Administrators
  • Aged care workers/professionals
  • Researchers
  • Environmentalists
  • Politicians
  • Others

5. Abstracts must give a general outline of the content to be presented and may also indicate one of the specifications below:
  • Lecture (didactic)
  • Video
  • Demonstration
  • Case Study
  • Group Interaction
  • Panel Discussion
  • Experimental
  • Performance
  • Display poster (for Exhibition Showcase)

• Abstracts must present original work. If someone else’s material is presented other than by a short reference, the abstract must be accompanied by a written statement legally authorising the presentation. (or The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.

• Submission of an abstract implies formal commitment by the presenting author to register for the congress and to hold their presentation. However, registration is not required at the time of submission.

6. Abstracts must be submitted in English with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

7. Once the abstract is submitted it cannot be changed unless a written request is sent to the Congress Secretariat by 31 March 2023.

8. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Congress Programme Planning Committee in conjunction with AMI’s Global Research Group.

9. Following review, the abstract author may be invited to re-submit the abstract with a different presentation type, or revised content.

10. Authors of all abstracts will receive notice by email of their abstract acceptance or non-acceptance by 10 March 2023.

11. Accepted abstracts may be published in the Congress Proceedings. Authors of all abstracts to be published will be asked to provide a complete written manuscript or full Slide (PowerPoint) presentation, complete with any accompanying documents for publication. Displays in the Exhibition Showcase will be photographed for publication during the Congress event. Further instruction on manuscript submission and PowerPoint formatting will be provided [closer to the Congress] and all manuscripts/presentations must be received no later than two weeks prior to the Congress. Congress organisers reserve the right to edit presentations prior to publication.

12. Each accepted abstract including exhibitions to be showcased will require a submission of the presenter’s name, photo, and short professional bio. The presentation title may be listed on the Congress website and other promotional material, with optional links directing visitors to the presenter’s personal webpage.

13. Accepted abstract authors agree to their personal data being submitted and stored in accordance with AMI’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

14. All presentations are scheduled by the Congress Programme Planning Committee.

15. No remuneration is paid for Breakout presentations or Exhibition presentations.

16. If the abstract must be withdrawn, the Congress Secretariat must be notified in writing at least ONE MONTH PRIOR to the congress via e-mail.

17. All Breakout sessions will take place on the second day of the programme.

Note: Authors of accepted abstracts must register for the Congress and pay the Congress the early bird rate of registration fee for the Congress by 31 May 2023. Authors of accepted abstracts also agree to cover the cost of their own travel, accommodation, meals and any printing, postage or other costs associated with their presentation.

Online Submission Formatting

1. The submission title is limited to 20 words and must be submitted using sentence case. The title is a short description of your presentation.
2. The submission description is limited to 300 words and must not include any images, charts or tables.
3. The description must be written in the following format:

State the purpose and background to the presentation. Summarise what will be presented and how it is relevant to the Congress theme, “Education for a New World”.

For Breakouts, list a bullet point outline of content detail and how much time has been allocated for each section. For Exhibition Presentations, address the criteria set for these presentations, participants who will accompany the presentation, and any additional requirements for displaying.

For Breakouts state two or three objectives of the presentation, e.g. ‘Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to…’.

List any relevant books or articles related to the presentation.

Online Presence
Include links to previous presentations, work, or personal experiences.

Other Relevant Information
Include any other relevant details.

4. Authors may submit more than one abstract.
5. Up to 10 authors may jointly submit one abstract (including the presenting author). Adding co-authors is possible during online submission. The first name listed is to be the main author.
6. Online abstract submission includes indicating the Congress pillar, target audience, presentation type and any specifications.
7. Online abstract submissions need to include a brief biographical statement (<100 words) and a digital passport-style photo (colour, JPEG format, 415x530 pixels at 300 DPI).

Inquiries about the abstract submission process may be made via

Submission Criteria

1. The Congress is an inclusive event, and any interested participants are encouraged to make an abstract submission.
2. Breakout Abstracts will be selected based on their relevance to the Congress theme and pillars, considering the overall Congress Programme.
3. Exhibition Showcase submissions will be reviewed by the Congress Programme Planning Committee based on relevance to our event.

Reviewer Criteria

1. Submission rejected – does not address criterion
2. Submission needs to be resubmitted – missing or incomplete information
3. Submission is requiring further input outside panel
4. Submission to by highly considered
5. Submission accepted

Contribution Submission